We were loved by tourists from all over the world

Bukovel has long conquered the hearts of his guests.
Ski lifts, magnificent nature, tourist routes
make our hotels popular throughout the year.

The best hotels in the heart of the Carpathians

Many hotels in the Carpathians and in particular Bukovel are beautiful places of rest, but Grand Bukovel itself gives guests the atmosphere and comfort that it is impossible to forget.

Grand Bukovel combines several private hotels in order to provide the highest quality of service and allow you to book online.

Here you forget about time. Here, guests enjoy the comfort and special treatment of orderly personnel, which, from the first minutes, offers an impeccable service to visitors.

Modern wooden houses inspire the beauty of the guests of village Palynitsa and Bukovel. Our hotels offer you the best service, high service and comfortable living conditions.

The high quality and average price will satisfy even the most demanding guest. You will get everything you need for a rest: free high-speed WIFI, satellite TV, banquet halls, saunas.

Our hotels are developing day by day to provide the best conditions for Bukovel guests. A large number of professionals work to make the guests feel good and bring with them a good feeling of staying in the Carpathians.

Comfortable rooms

Satellite TV

Banquet halls

Celebration of jubilees,
solemn events

Saunas / Baths

Health, beauty,